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We write about all things related to cooking and kids. We've categorized all our posts to help you focus on the topics that interest you most - from kitchen tools to cheeses, chiles, spices, fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains and legumes, and more. Some topics fall into multiple categories as well. Explore the topics and you might be surprised at what you learn. For example, did you know that olives and avocados are a fruit? Read more below. 

Learn About Seasonings and Flavorings

Seasonings and flavorings make your food come alive. Below is a list of some of the blogs posts we've written on this topic - just click on one of the posts below to learn more. However, for a complete list of all the posts we've written about seasonings and flavorings to use in your cooking click here

Learn About Chiles

There are hundreds of different types of chiles. Chiles add so much yummy flavor to your food. And they can really make your food spicy if you like that. But not all chiles are spicy. Most importantly, chiles are loaded with tons healthiness for your body (you can read more here about the healthiness of chiles). Click on any of the posts below to learn about that particular chile, or for a complete list of all the posts we cover on chiles, click here

Learn About Kitchen Tools

Kitchen tools help you cook delicious food. Learn about the different tools that are important to you in the kitchen and what they are used for. We have written quite a few posts about kitchen tools and for the complete list click here

Learn About Herbs

Herbs are similar to spices in that they add flavor and aroma to foods - the main difference is that the part of the plant they each come from. Herbs come from the green leafy part of the plant and spices come from all other parts of the plant. For a complete list of all the herbs we cover, click here

Learn About Different Types Of Fruit

We're all familiar with fruit - grapefruit, pomegranates, berries are fruits we're often very familiar with. But did you know avocados and olives are considered fruit as well? How about vanilla? That's a fruit too. Click here for a complete list.