What Kind of Rolling Pin Do I Need?

Author: Chef Sydney

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What is a Rolling Pin?

A rolling pin is a kitchen utensil used for rolling foods into thinner and more even sizes.  Rolling pins are cylinders that vary in thickness and are usually quite long.  They are made with the ability to roll across different food surfaces.  Rolling pins are usually made of wood, marble, or plastic, but they may also be made of metal, ceramic, or glass.

What are Rolling Pins Used For?

Rolling pins are typically used to roll out different types of dough to a specific thickness or size.  They are also used to smooth dough out.  Pizza dough, cookie dough, and pie crust are common foods that require the use of a rolling pin.  A rolling pin may also be used to smash foods into smaller pieces, like chocolate sandwich cookies for a chocolate cookie cheesecake base.

Learn Abour Rolling Pins
Wooden rod and roller style rolling pins.

What are the Different Types of Rolling Pin?

  • Roller
  • Rod


A roller style rolling pin usually has a thick cylinder as its base.  On each end, there is a handle.  Depending on the type of material and the type of rolling pin, the handles may be fixed to the sides so that they roll with the pin.  The handles of other rolling pins may not be fixed so that you can grip the handles while you use the rolling pin.  This type of rolling pin may be preferred for heavier, thicker doughs.


A rod-style rolling pin has a thin cylinder as its base.  Instead of handles, the edges of the rolling pin taper down to a thinner cylinder.  Some rod rolling pins do not taper at all and are the same size from end to end.  This type of rolling pin may be preferred because they are easier to move around than roller style rolling pins.

Kids Are Great Cooks Recipes Using Rolling Pins

Our homemade ravioli dough is flattened using a rolling pin.

Spinach and Cheese Ravioli
Homemade Spinach and Cheese Ravioli

Recipes Using Rolling Pins

Homemade Pizza Dough

Create a delicious base to any pizza recipe. Add flour, olive oil, yeast, salt, and hot water to a stand mixer and beat until a ball forms. Place the dough ball in a greased bowl, cover with a towel, then set in a warm place. It takes about an hour for the dough to rise. Remove the dough from the bowl and use a rolling pin to roll into a flat rectangle. Transfer to a baking sheet, top with your favorite pizza toppings, and bake.

Shortbread Cookies

Combine butter, sugar, flour, vanilla, and salt in a bowl until combined. Remove dough from bowl, flatten into a disc, and tightly wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate dough for about half an hour. Roll the dough out, cut into shapes, place on a baking sheet, and bake until cooked.

Easy Cheesecake Base

Make a delicious cheesecake base by using a rolling pin. Place graham cracker sheets in a plastic bag, remove the air, and seal. Using a rolling pin, smash the graham crackers into crumbs. Pour the crumbs in a bowl with sugar, brown sugar, and melted butter. Combine, press crust into a spring form pan, and set aside. Add cinnamon or other spices to the crust to change its flavor.

how to make cheesecake kid video
how to make cheesecake with graham cracker crust

Apple Pie

Use a frozen pie crust to make baking this pie easy. Use a rolling pin to flatten the crust to the same thickness and to easily transfer the crust to the baking dish. Add sliced apples and cover with melted butter, sugar, cinnamon mixture. Cover with remaining pie crust and bake.

Meat Tenderizer

If you don’t have a meat tenderizer on hand, use a rolling pin! Carefully pound meet with the rolling pin until mostly flattened, then try to roll over the meat to smooth it out.

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