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  • Create Fun and Delicious Meals
  • Increase Independence In The Kitchen
  • Develop Lifelong Cooking Skills
  • Broaden The Food Types Your kids Eat
  • Learn Food Nutrition
  • Increase Family Bonding Time

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What Is Kids Are Great Cooks?

We're a FREE site offering free cooking lessons for kids. Virtual cooking lessons where kids teach kids how to cook through step-by-step video instructions. Nothing conveys how to cook like video. We also offer the full recipe and instructions on each recipe page. In addition, each recipe links to blog posts we have about the ingredients and tools that are used in each recipe. 

Kids will build kitchen skills, grow self confidence, develop knowledge around food nutrition, and increase independence in the kitchen. We have online cooking lessons in numerous categories. Browse our wholesome and yummy recipes below and learn to cook today. 

Cooking is a lifelong skill!

Video Tutorials For Each Recipe

Video gives you many more details about how to prepare a dish that you would otherwise not see with printed cooking instructions and recipes.

Our online cooking videos are kid-friendly step-by-step so kids feel confident cooking.  

Video lesson have bring many features of cooking to life that otherwise are difficult to understand. For example, how thick you should roll the pizza dough, or what is the ideal consistency of muffin dough, or when to flip the omelet, or how to know when the rice is done - visual and sound details that only come through in video are important for youths that want to learn to cook.

At Kids Are Great Cooks, we also post outtakes and bloopers of all our filming...if you want a good laugh at the behind the scenes production of real-life cooking in our kitchen then watch our bloopers and outtakes! 

Video Tutorials For Every Recipe

Step-by-Step Video Lesson With Every Recipe

Video lesson illustration image
Sydney Toby illustration image

Learn More About Our Video Instructors On Why They Like Cooking
(You can learn more about us as well here.) 

Screenshot From Toby's Video Lesson

How To Make Delicious, Mouth Watering Fresh Green Salsa Step-by-Step

video how to make fresh green salsa

Prep For Making Fresh Green Salsa

sydney paula pasta image
start cooking today

Sydney Walking You Through Savory Roasted Chicken Video

Screenshots From Sydney's Video Tutorial
How To Make Tender, Mouth Watering Roasted Chicken Step-by-Step

savory roasted chicken intro sydney

Sydney Making Savory Roasted Chicken


The Roasted Chicken Rub


Tieing The Chicken Legs Together


Tasting The Final Product

And most importantly...

Once your child feels comfortable with each recipe, the next time he makes the meal, he can venture out and add his own creativity to the food to his preference. Do you want it more salty, more sweet, creamier - cooking develops creativity which builds self confidence. 

Cooking is creative, fun, nurturing and food brings our families together - explore and learn with us today!

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