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At Kids Are Great Cooks, our mission is to educate, inspire, and empower kids to learn to cook. Our goal is to develop core cooking skills in kids that will stay with them for life while at the same time creating tasty meals and having fun throughout the process.

In an age of convenience, abundant access to low-quality processed foods, growing health issues, developing lifelong cooking skills has never been more important.  The benefits of kids learning to cook are many, here are just a few:

  • Increases family bonding time
  • Encourages kids to experiment with and try a broader array of food
  • Increases healthier eating choices
  • Increases kids’ understanding of food nutrition
  • Helps kids feel more confident
  • Increases understanding of the environment and where food comes from

Who We Are & How We Got Started

We’re a family of four…well really a family of 5 with our dog Nina (she’s an 18-year-old Jack Russell terrier). In our household, we’ve always had a passion for cooking at home from scratch using wholesome ingredients to make savory and sweet dishes for our family and friends. Paula has been actively studying and experimenting with cooking for years and she's translated this excitement in food to our kids. 

From the time our kids were young, we have involved them in cooking meals. And what we found was that the more involved they were in cooking, the more willing they were to experiment with different kinds of food, and the less picky they were with their food. Helping out in the kitchen also increased their knowledge about food nutrition, why certain foods were healthier than others which led to better food choices. And equally important, involving our kids in the kitchen has grown our family bonding time. 

Our “aha” Moment

The bonding and kitchen fun didn’t stop with our family. When our kids had their friends over, we involved their friends too. Kids have an eagerness to try new things and learn when they cook. What we found was that children have a natural curiosity with and once they cook something they are excited to try their food creation.  

What was surprising, though, was how many young kids did not know the basics in the kitchen – things as simple as turning on the stove, how to chop fruit or vegetables, or how to make a hard-boiled egg. That’s when we felt like we could help kids grow their confidence in the kitchen, help them develop lifelong skills, and all the while bringing families closer together.

Learn About Toby and Sydney - Kids Are Great Cooks Video Instructors

Introducing Toby 

Introducing Sydney

Who We Serve

Kids Are Great Cooks is ideal for kids from the ages of 7 up to 14+. If you’re a family that wants to help their kids learn how to cook in a fun environment, to help them increase their independence and confidence in the kitchen, and learn to cook delicious meals and dishes that the whole family will enjoy then we encourage you to consider our monthly cooking kits.

We provide 3 recipes in each kit:

  • A main dish
  • Side dish
  • An extra (e.g. a salsa, dessert, or fruit water, as an example)

When you join, we will mail to you your first kid-friendly cooking kit. But more importantly, when you enroll, you will get immediate access to our membership site created for you. 

You will have your own login and you can login from any device 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. All kits will have how-to videos for each recipe so you can start learning, cooking, and having fun right away. In addition, our recipes are downloadable right from your login...so if you can't wait for the kit to arrive, download the recipe right away and get started. 

Each month thereafter, we will automatically mail your next monthly kit and push the latest video lessons to your membership site. In addition, with each kit, we provide you with our exclusive online membership training where we provide you with how-to videos for each dish, food quizzes to keep your kids on their toes, and more food fun facts. 

Fun, Kid-Friendly Recipes. Develop Lifelong Cooking Skills.