How To Make Horchata From Scratch – Rice and Cinnamon Drink

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Agua de Horchata (rice and cinnamon drink)

How To Make Horchata (Rice and Cinnamon Drink)


In this recipe tutorial, chef Sydney shows you how to make Horchata from scratch (Rice and Cinnamon drink), which is light, creamy, and refreshing. This is a popular drink in Mexico. 


  • Blender
  • Pitcher
  • Measuring Cup
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Large Mixing Spoons


  • Pre-measure ingredients 



  • Take 1 cup of rice and pour into a container with 2 cups of water. Let the rice soak for about 2 hours. 

Soak the rice in water

  • After rice soaks pour water and rice in a blender. 

Add rice and water to blender

  • Mix well, on high, for about 2 minutes, or until all rice is dissolved. 

Blend until the rice is dissolved

  • In a pitcher add 4 cups of water Pour the rice mix into the pitcher. Add to this mix a can of condensed milk. The condensed milk will settle at the bottom so mix well until it's combined. Add half a teaspoon of cinnamon and mix once more. 

Add Water, Condensed Milk

  • Pour over ice and enjoy! 

Enjoy your horchata over ice!

Horchata-Square (rice and cinnamon drink)

Delicious Horchata


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Horchata Nutritional Highlights

(The Stuff That Fuels Your Body!)


  • White rice contains 4 grams of protein per 1 cup serving, which helps keep you full and build muscle. 


  • Cinnamon is thought to have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, and that it is helpful in preventing cancer and other diseases.

Horchata Frequently Asked Questions

What is horchata made of?

  • Horchata is a drink typically made of soaked nuts or grains that is sweetened and flavored with spices. Typical Mexican horchata is made with rice, water, cinnamon and a sweetener, like sugar or sweetened condensed milk.

What does horchata taste like?

  • Depending on the ingredients used to make the horchata, horchata will have a creamy texture with a slight sweetness and some warm spice. 

Is horchata healthy?

  • Horchata can be considered a healthy drink compared to sugary beverages like fruit juice and soda. Horchata is thought to be a remedy for digestive problems, due to the rice which helps to soothe the stomach.

Does horchata contain dairy?

  • Our horchata recipe does contain dairy because we sweeten it with condensed milk, but feel free to use a different sweetener like sugar or maple syrup for a dairy-free option.

What is the difference between Spanish horchata and Mexican horchata?

  • In Spain, where the concept of horchata originated, it is typically made with tiger nuts. Mexican horchata is made using rice. 

Do other countries drink horchata?

  • Most Hispanic countries and even countries in Africa have their own variations of horchata made with other ingredients like almonds, seeds, nutmeg, and even cacao. 

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