Guava Water (Agua De Guayaba) Video Recipe

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Guava Water Agua Fresca

How To Make Guava Water - Agua de Guayaba


In this recipe, Chef Toby shows you how to Guava water. Healthy, delicious, and refreshing. 



  • Cut 10 guavas in half and put them in a blender. 
Cut 10 Guavas In Half

cut 10 guavas in half

  • Blend well with 2 cups of water, about 1 minute. 
Blend The Guavas With 2 Cups Of Water

cut 10 guavas in half

  • In a pitcher add 5 cups of water and 3/4 cups of sugar and mix until sugar dissolves. 
In A Pitcher Combine Water With Sugar And Stir

In a pitcher combine water with sugar and stir

  • Strain the guava puree and add the strained juice to the pitcher. 
Strain The Guava Puree

Strain the guava puree

  • Squeeze the juice of half a lemon. Mix and enjoy with ice. 
Add In Lemon Juice

Add in lemon juice

Guava Water

Guava Water


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Guava Water Nutritional Highlights

(The Stuff That Fuels Your Body!)


  • This fruit is high in vitamin C, providing you with over 200% of the recommended daily value in one single fruit. Vitamin C is great for boosting the immune system, and improving skin. 


  • High in Vitamin C and Fiber, this citrus fruit is great for a variety of different bodily functions, such as boosting the immune system, promoting heart health, protecting against Iron deficiency, and even reducing the risk of cancer.

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