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Strawberries And Cream Kids Cooking Video Lesson

How To Make Strawberries and Cream

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In this video cooking lesson, Chef Toby shows you how to make yummy strawberries and cream. 



  1. First, wash the strawberries. Then, cut the green leaves and stems off.
  2. Now, cut the strawberries in 4 and put them in a bowl.
  3. Add the sour cream and sugar and mix gently.


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Strawberries and Cream Bloopers, Outtakes

Strawberries and Cream Nutritional Highlights


  • These fruits are high in vitamin C, making them great for promoting skin and immune system health. They are also high in manganese, which is a mineral essential for many different bodily functions.

Sour Cream 

  • Since sour cream is consumed in small servings, it can easily be a part of a healthy diet. This dairy product contains small amounts of protein and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, which help support a variety of different functions throughout the body. 

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