Tortilla Espanola (Spanish Tortilla) Video Cooking Lesson, Recipe

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how to make tortilla espanola

How To Make Tortilla Espanola (Spanish Tortilla - Video Cooking Lesson

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In this video cooking lesson, Chef Toby shows you how to make tortilla Espanola (Spanish Tortilla).



  • First, boil 3 small potatoes by putting them in cold water and turning the stove on to high. Let them boil for about 12 minutes. Then wait for them to cool off until you can touch them (about 30 minutes).
Boil three small potatoes until cooked

Boil three small potatoes until cooked

  • Once the potatoes cool off, peel them with your hands. Now, cut them in small pieces. First cut them lengthwise, then turn them and cut them again until you have small cubes
Once cooled, peel and slice the potatoes

Once cooled, peel and slice the potatoes

  • Crack 3 eggs in a bowl and add a pinch of salt. Scramble the eggs with a fork.
Crack 3 Eggs in a bowl and scramble with a fork

Crack 3 Eggs in a bowl and scramble with a fork

  • Turn the stove to medium heat. Add about a tablespoon of butter to a non-stick pan. Once the butter melts, add the potatoes and fry them for a minute. Now pour the eggs over the potatoes. Lower the heat to low and put a lid to cover the pan.

In a nonstick pan, fry potatoes in butter and pour the eggs over

  • Cook for about 7-8 minutes until the eggs firm up. Turn the heat OFF. Put a large plate face down on top of the pan. The plate should be large enough to cover the entire pan. Now place one hand firmly on the plate. Then with the other hand flip the pan over. Slide the egg tortilla back into the pan and cook for about 1 more minute. Slide the tortilla back into the plate with a rubber spatula.
Once the eggs start to firm up, use a plate to flip the omelette and cook on the other side

Once the eggs start to firm up, use a plate to flip the omelette and cook on the other side


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Nutritional Highlights Tortilla Española (Spanish Tortilla)

(The Stuff That Fuels Your Body!)


  • Potatoes, especially when the skin is left on and consumed, are a great source of Vitamin C and potassium, which help to increase immune function and help you maintain a healthy heart.


  • Eggs are a great source of protein, healthy fats, and Vitamin D, which boost immune health and build strong bones.

Tortilla Española (Spanish Tortilla)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tortilla Española made of?

Tortilla Española is made up of potatoes and eggs.

What is another name of Tortilla Española?

In Spain, tortilla Española may also be referred to a tortilla de patatas. "Patatas" is the word used in Spain for potatoes.

How do you make Tortilla Española

To make Tortilla Espanola, start by sauteeing some diced cooked potatoes in some butter. Add in scramble eggs and allow the eggs to set. Get the full recipe above!

Difference between Tortilla Española and frittata?

Frittatas and Tortilla Española are a very similar dish - the only difference being the way they are cooked as well as the fillings. Frittatas can be filled with any vegetable or cheeses, while Tortilla Española is typically made with potatoes. Frittatas are cooked by finishing them in the oven in the pan, while Tortilla Españolas are flipped to cooked the other side.

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