Virtual Cooking Classes For Kids: What To Look For

Author: Chef Toby

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It’s no doubt that we are in the middle of a digital revolution.  Among other things, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us into a technological boom. With many in-person activities closed for a time, entertaining your child with different activities became limited to online.

Watch this video to learn what to look for when choosing a virtual cooking club for your kids.

According to, a kids digital media research company, time spent watching online videos in children has dramatically increased over the last several years. While this screen time is an excellent tool for stress relief, this time can also be used to learn real-life skills and pick up new hobbies. Capitalizing on that time with valuable virtual classes is a great way to use technology to get kids learning! 

Graph - Time Tweens and Teens Spent Watching Online Videos between 2015 and 2019
Data based on 2019 report shows an increase in online video viewing by teens and tweens between the ages of 8-18.

More than ever, we turn to technology and the internet for work, education, and entertainment. A silver lining to all of this is that virtual interactions are becoming more and more popular, including those aimed towards kids.

Virtual cooking classes are a great way to keep children occupied and teach them new skills. Cooking is a necessary skill that your kids will use as they grow into adults, and teaching them while their young provides many benefits.

Virtual cooking classes are a great way to keep children occupied and teach them new skills.

What Are The Benefits Of Teaching Children How To Cook With Virtual Cooking Classes?

The benefits of teaching a child how to cook are many.

  • Learning STEM Skills: With virtual cooking classes, kids will learn math, science, and reading, while gaining kitchen skills that make them feel more confident and independent
  • More Family Time: Turn cooking dinner into a moment the whole family can join in on, rather than one or two parents cooking on their own.
  • Experiment With New Foods: Children who cook are also more likely to try new foods; an incredible feat for parents of picky eaters.
Chef Sydney Kids Are Great Cooks - Virtual Cooking Classes help kids build Confidence

Virtual Cooking classes that include video can help convert screen time into family time and get kids into the kitchen learning new skills., another company focusing on kids’ digital media habits, says that a probable trend is that kids growing up in the age of coronavirus will take on more responsibility in the home than past generations.

How Virtual Classes Help

Virtual cooking classes now can help you in the future by encouraging your child to take on dinner duty or maybe do something as simple as packing their own lunch. This can help lessen the load on you as a parent, and in the long run, help save you time and sanity, and most importantly it’s fun for kids to learn and they develop lifelong skills. 

The Problem With Free Cooking Videos On YouTube

Before turning to YouTube for kids cooking videos and online recipe tutorials, keep in mind that you won’t be getting the same experience as you would be with a virtual cooking class.

Most of the videos you’ll find are stand-alone videos showing how to make a recipe, not a structured course designed to teach skills and build on these skills over time. 

When choosing a virtual cooking class for your child, there are a few factors that you should consider before choosing. 

What to look for when choosing a virtual cooking class for your kids

Plan Flexibility

All families have different needs when it comes to ways to teach their children. Virtual cooking classes that include various plan options and add-on items are best:

  • Does it offer an online only option?
  • Can you get a monthly kit shipped directly if you want?
  • Can you cancel online, as opposed to the hassle of canceling the service in person , or on the phone?

Learning At Your Own Pace

Virtual activities can provide much-needed flexibility to busy families.

With online classes, there is no need to leave your home, drive kids to and from activities, or make it on time to a scheduled class.

On-demand video tutorials make it easy to teach your children how to cook on your own time, at their own pace, and when it fits into your family’s schedule. 

Engaging Video Content & Cooking Lessons

Not all cooking kits and virtual cooking clubs are created equal.

Virtual cooking classes with engaging video content allow children to see the cooking details that they wouldn’t see with just a recipe. Nothing conveys how a dish should be prepared like a video.

How thick should the pizza dough be?

What is the difference between a simmer versus a boil?

These are things that virtual cooking classes and videos can display that recipes and kids cooking kits alone can not. 

chef toby video how to make fresh green salsa


As we’ve seen from the rise in popularity of kid’s toy unboxing and slime videos, kids feel a sense of friendship with kids they follow on Youtube

Learning how to cook from other kids rather than adult instructors helps kids relate and gives them the confidence to know that kids CAN cook! 

chef toby cooking and filming for kids are great cooks

Get Everything You Need Out Of A Virtual Cooking Class for Kids With Kids Are Great Cooks Are Great Cooks gives you everything you’re looking for in a virtual cooking club and more. At Kids Are Great Cooks, we expanded on the idea of kids cooking subscription boxes by bringing the recipes to life with videos made for every recipe.

  • Plan Flexibility:
    Choose from three, six, or twelve month membership plans that include a cooking kit mailed to your door monthly. Each kit includes our virtual cooking class portal access,  three recipe cards, shopping lists, fun food facts, a word search game, stickers, food pins, a game (first month), and a branded apron (with 6 and 12-month kits, or sold separately.)

    You can also opt for digital-only access, with PDF downloads of everything your child will need to make delicious recipes!
  • Learn At Your Own Pace:
    When you sign up for our virtual cooking club, we will send you your own personal login information. This allows you to get started instantly, from any mobile device! Our videos are programmed to pause and play whenever you want, 24/7, so you can start where you left off instead of starting the lesson from the beginning! 
Watch Kids Are Great Cooks Lessons on every device - Computer, tablet, and phone
  • Engaging Video: We make detailed video lessons for every recipe, so your child knows exactly how to make each recipe. The videos show you close-ups of specific recipe details and how to make the recipe from start to finish. 
  • Rapport: Our virtual cooking class videos are unique because they are taught by Sydney and Toby, ten and thirteen-year-old kids who have a passion for cooking.
  • Support: We make it easy for you to connect with us via email, social media, or live chat on 

In Conclusion

The availability of virtual cooking classes for kids is excellent for parents who want to help their children develop skills. These skills will encourage them to be more creative and self-sufficient, all while learning in the comfort of your own home. Get your child started today with immediate online access to our virtual cooking courses, taught by kids, for kids. Join here!

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