Learning To Cook Is A Lifelong Skill

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(for kids 6 - Teen)


Empowering Kids To Learn To Cook

It’s empowering for a child to cook - whether that’s for themselves, you, or your family and their friends. 

Our home has been the source of fun kitchen adventures for our kids and their friends for years. The more our kids cooked with friends, the more apparent it became that kids love learning to cook in a structured, yet fun environment that allows them to explore and be creative.

Cooking taps into their natural curiosity to learn about the world around them. 

For 20 years we have been passionately engaged in cooking, and we have included our young kids in the process along the way.

Our Promise To You

In no time your kids will be cooking delicious food - savory and sweet - developing skills, and tasting foods they never would have before all the while having fun throughout the process.

the benefits for your kids are many

sydney stirring round image

Chef Sydney - Kids Are Great Cooks Chef

  • Increases Willingness To Try New Foods
  • Encourages Family Bonding Time
  • More Family Fun Time
  • Increases Independence
toby cooking

Chef Toby - Kids Are Great Cooks Chef

  • Kids Gain Specific Kitchen Skills
  • Builds Character
  • Teaches Creativity & Collaboration
  • Kids Make Better Food Choices
Sydney Making Raviolis

Chef Sydney - Kids Are Great Cooks Chef

  • Increases Math & Science Knowledge
  • Builds Patience
  • Builds Persistence
  • Improves Reading Skills

Choose the club plan that is right for you

Savory and Sweet Dishes Every Kid Will Like

Ok, well maybe not every dish every child will like, but close. 😊 Our focus is on developing cooking skills that kids can use for a lifetime and meals most kids will enjoy – meals they can go back to over and over.

Our cooking adventures teach kids progressive skills, but skills they will use ongoing.

You will smile seeing your kids develop, grow, and become more independent in the kitchen. 

Your Kids Will Learn Easy and Practical Dishes, along with Some More Challenging Dishes

Every month we’ll send you 3 recipes - a main dish, a side dish, and an “extra” dish. These recipes could include, but are not limited to meals such as:


homemade enchiladas

Sydney making homemade enchiladas

Mexican Red Rice (from scratch)

toby making blueberry lemonade

Blueberry Lemonade (made from scratch)

toby making pizza

Toby Making Pizza From Scratch

sydney making guacamole

Sydney Making Fresh Guacamole

sydney making hamburgers

Sydney Making Hamburgers

Homemade Goodness

All our recipes are homemade that kids can easily tackle. And to make it even easier for you, we include a shopping list with each kit so your little helpers can be involved the whole way. 

You Always Have Access To Shopping Lists and Recipes

And if you happen to forget the shopping list while at the store, we provide downloadable PDFs of all our shopping lists and recipes so as long as you have your phone with you, you will always have access to what you need. 

Kids Are Great Cooks Meals Will Be Part of Your Regular Family Meal Rotation 

sydney and dad cropped sml image

Fresh Squeezed OJ

Mexican Red Rice - Homemade From Scratch (no cans)


Homemade Roasted Chicken

pollo image

How Kids Are Great Cooks Works

Step 1: 
Join Our Club By Choosing Your Plan

We offer two fun plans:

  1. Box Kit Mailed Out Monthly  + Digital Subscription 
  2. Digital Only Subscription

Step 2:
Login and Start Watching Fun Video Tutorials While Your Kit Ships

Login and start watching our fun videos of the first month's videos. All plans include digital access to every recipe. In addition, with digital access, all plans include PDF downloads of the following:

  • All recipes instructions
  • Shopping lists
  • Food finder
  • Food fun facts 

If you subscribed to the Monthly Kit + Digital Subscription option, your monthly kit is mailed out immediately and should arrive in 3 - 5 business days. 

Fun Cooking and Food Education Included

Serious fun, serious skills - fun is a priority for our club but at each step strive to educate kids. From kitchen safety, to different types of pans, the difference between different types of oils, and more. 

Every monthly kit also comes with fun games, food stickers, and more. 

You’ll be amazed at what your child will learn in addition to just the meal preparation after the first lesson:

  • How to measure
  • The different type of pans and what they are used for
  • How to properly chop
  • Different types of oils
  • How to peel and cut, and more...

Club Plan Options For Your Kids

We have two different types of plans:

  1. Monthly Kit Mailed + Digital Access
  2. Digital Only Access

What You Get With The Monthly Kit + Digital Access Option

Kids Are Great Cooks Monthly Box

First Month's Mailed Kit

Monthly Mailed Kit - Individual Product Highlights

Some items are included in every month's kit and others only the first month. 

Branded Apron

Made of 100% cotton and washable. Fits kids ages 7 to teenagers. Has a center pocket and two straps to tie it around the waist. The apron is included in the first month's kit with select plans. Aprons can be purchased separately as well. 

kids are great cooks branded apron

Kids Are Great Cooks Branded Apron - 100% Cotton

Branded Apron (shown with food pins)

Branded 3-Ring Binder

Our 3-ring binder is designed to hold all your recipes, shopping lists each month, and food fun facts. The binder dimensions are: 8.5" x 5.5". All our materials have pre-made hole punch to fit right into the binder for easy storage. Included in the first month's kit with selection plans.

3-Ring Binder

3 Printed Recipes Each Month

Each monthly kit includes 3 recipes. One recipe per page. Each recipe outlines step-by-step how to prepare each dish. We also include all the ingredients for that recipe on the same page. Combine these recipes instructions with the video instructions and you'll be making fun and delicious meals in not time!

3 Recipes Each Month

Food Fun Facts + Word Finder

Food fun facts with educational information about some of the foods in each month's kit. We include a fun word finder game too. 

Food Fun Facts + Word Finder

Shopping List

Take the shopping list with you to the store to gather all the necessary food items you'll need for every recipe. Each recipe has its own shopping list.

Shopping List

Kids Are Great Cooks Board Game

Your first monthly kit, we send you a game - collect all the items on and get a special prize. Each month we mail out random stickers that match to spots on the game. 

Kids Are Great Cooks Game

Food Pins

Each month we mail out at least two fun food pins with each kit. Attach them to your apron or wherever else you want. 

Food Pins

What Others Have To Say

Oh my gosh, we LOVE the kit! Thank you so much for sending it! I have it included in my Top 5 Kids’ Subscription Boxes article that’s publishing next month. 

Thank you again! 


Mommy Blogger

I love the product and think it’s fantastic.  I’m currently working on a blog post so that I can share it. 

I really do think it’s an amazing product though and what truly sets it apart is the videos that are taught by kids.  


ALL Plans Include
Digital Access & How-To Video Tutorials

Kids learn in different mediums.

That is why we provide you with both printed recipe tutorials along with step-by-step video tutorials of each or our monthly recipes. These videos highlight and show exactly how each meal should be prepared.

Kids Teaching Kids With Videos

And these are not adults teaching kids to cook with videos – it’s kid chefs (Sydney and Toby) – walking your child through each recipe from start to finish. Easily digestible (no pun intended...lol) video tutorials.

Your kids will enjoy learning from other kids. Kids teaching kids is a relatable experience versus parents teaching kids. Or versus only printed materials. 

Our videos provide both close-up shots to see exactly what is happening with the food at each step along with wider angle shots of each kid talking about the meal. The videos are short and succinct for any kid.

More Fun With Video Outtakes/Bloopers

We also provide fun outtakes on all our video shoots for each monthly kit so your kids can see what it’s like behind the scenes - how goofy and fun it is to cook.

Nothing Conveys The Details of How To Cook Like Video

Our videos bring to life each meal with vivid details you otherwise could not get from just following a printed recipe. And because our recipes are taught by kids (Sydney, and Toby), you can be confident that your kids will establish a rapport and gain more confidence that they can make great food and have fun doing it.  

When you sign up, you get immediate access via your own login to your first month's 3 video lessons. Access the videos from any device whenever you want as long as your subscription lasts.

All club plans come with video access. 


Sydney's Video About How To Roast A Chicken

Exclusive High Definition Video Instructions Taught By Chef Sydney and Chef Toby

Each month we provide 3 recipes with step-by-step video tutorials that are taught by Sydney and Toby so your child can see exactly how each meal should be prepared without having to guess from just a printed recipe.

What is the visual difference between boiling vs simmering, or what consistency is best for the dough, or when do you flip an omelette? Video brings cooking to life.

When you sign up, you get immediate access via your own login to your first month's 3 video lessons. Access the videos from any device whenever you want as long as your subscription lasts. 

All club plans come with video access. 


Sydney's Video On How To Cook Rice With Peas

Downloadable PDFs

Each month's 3 recipes, shopping list, and food fun facts are accessible and can be downloaded from within your login.

Each month we add 3 new how-to videos for all recipes and the accompanying PDF documents for your download. Login from any device whenever you want - your access lasts as long as your subscription. 

Downloadable PDFs of All Print Materials

Paula Danylchuk


With every meal, you will have a kitchen full of helpers without having to explain every step or come up with kid-friendly recipes. Your kids will gain new confidence when cooking for the whole family. And these meals will be part of a regular rotation in your household. Healthy and fun!

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Choose Your Plan

Kit + Digital Access
(Immediate Access)

3-Month Plan
Monthly Kit +
Digital Access

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Total $84 paid at checkout




  • Digital Access, Video Tutorials
  • Includes 3 Recipes per month
  • Includes Shopping List 
  • 2 Food Pins per month 
  • Food Stickers each month
  • Food Fun Facts each month
  • Game (first month)
  • PDF Downloads
  • Branded Apron (not included, purchase separately)
  • Branded 3-Ring Binder (not included, purchase separately)
6-Month Plan
Monthly Kit +
Digital Access

Free US Shipping

Cotton Apron + 3-Ring Binder Included
($20 value)

Total $156 paid at checkout




  • Digital Access, Video Tutorials
  • Includes Branded Apron (1st mo)
  • Includes 3 Recipes per month
  • Includes Shopping List 
  • 2 Food Pins per month 
  • Food Stickers each month
  • Food Fun Facts each month
  • Game (first month)
  • PDF Downloads
  • Branded Apron
  • Branded 3-Ring Binder

Digital Access ONLY
(Immediate Access)

In No Time You’ll Have A Kitchen Full Of Helpers

Imagine that now you have little helpers in the kitchen. No more answering every single question but instead kids that are engaged and willing to not only cook their own meals, but help you as well and experiment along the way.

sydney paula pasta image
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