Empowering Kids To Learn To Cook

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Learning To Cook Is A Lifelong Skill

the benefits for your kids are many

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Willingness To Try New Foods

When kids cook their own meals they are more likely to try things that would not eat before or have not tried

More Fun Time

Cooking and eating meals your kids have prepared is engaging and filled with laughter and good times 

Increases Independence

Your kids will gain kitchen skills so you don't have to supervise every meal your kids prepare

Increases Family Bonding Time

Cooking is a fun activity that brings the whole family together - from meal preparation to dining 

Kids Gain Specific Kitchen Skills

From learning how to cook food, to how to select which pan to use, or how to chop - there's plenty your kids will learn

Kids Make Better Food Choices

As kids learn to cook and learn about the foods they cook with they are more likely to choose healthier options

Builds Character

Learning to cook comes with success and failures and helps to build a child's self esteem, resilience, and motivation 

Teaches Creativity & Collaboration

As kids become more comfortable in the kitchen they learn to express their creativity

Increases Math & Science Knowledge

Mixing and measuring of ingredients helps kids develop their math and science understanding (cause and effect)

Builds Patience

Cooking takes patience - the more kids cook, the more they learn to be patient with the process. 

Builds Persistence

Cooking can be challenging at times and not ever dish comes out the way it was supposed to - cooking helps build a persistent character

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How Kids Are Great Cooks Works

Step 1: Join Our Club By Choosing Your Subscription Level

We have three different pricing levels. Choose which is best for you.

Step 2: We Ship Your First Box Immediately

We begin packaging up and shipping your first monthly box. Most kits arrive within a week. Each month thereafter we mail you a new kit.  

Step 3: Login With Immediate Online Video Tutorial Access

All customers get immediate digital access with their own login to each month's video tutorials taught by Sydney and Toby so your kids can start cooking right away. Access from any device 24/7 as long as your subscription lasts. 

What You Get 

Monthly Kit

Each month we mail to you the Kids Are Great Cooks monthly kit.

3 Recipes In Each Monthly Lesson

Each monthly kit has 3 recipes - one main dish, one side dish paired to the main dish, and one extra dish. As an example, the main dish for one month might be breaded chicken, or homemade pizza, or quesadillas, or other savory dishes that will build kitchen skills. Examples of the side dish are, white rice and peas, or guacamole, or refried beans, and more. Examples of what the extra dish might include are, blueberry lemonade, or green tomatillo salsa, or red Mexican rice as examples. Each month's recipes are unique - nothing is repeated. 

Exclusive Video Instructions Taught By Sydney and Toby

Each and every recipe also comes with step-by-step video tutorials taught by Sydney and Toby. When you sign up, you get immediate access via your own login to your first month's video lessons. Access the videos from any device whenever you want as long as your subscription lasts. 


Branded Kids Are Great Cooks Binder

A 3-ring binder to store all your great recipes. 

Shopping List

We'll put everything you will need for cooking into a convenient shopping list you can take with you to the store. Shopping for the ingredients also enriches the experience with your kids.

Food Fun Facts

Each monthly kit has contains food fun facts that will help your child learn more about the food they are cooking. 


Each kit contains a fun wordfinder game related to each month's recipes.

Kids Are Great Cooks Meals Will Be Part of Your Regular Family Meal Rotation 

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Fresh Squeezed OJ

Mexican Red Rice - Homemade From Scratch (no cans)


Homemade Roasted Chicken

Handmade Pizza

In no time, you and your kids will be having a great time in the kitchen - learning how to chop and measure, and make savory and sweet dishes.  

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With every meal, you will have a kitchen full of helpers without having to explain every step or come up with kid-friendly recipes. Your kids will gain new confidence when cooking for the whole family. And these meals will be part of a regular rotation in your household. 

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Choose Your Plan

3-Month Plan

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  • Includes Branded Apron
  • Includes 3-ring recipe binder
  • Immediate Video Tutorial Access
6-Month Plan

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  • Includes Branded Apron
  • Includes 3-ring Recipe Binder
  • Immediate Video Tutorial Access

Every month your kids will look forward to their monthly kit.

The more your kids learn to cook new foods, the more likely those "picky" eaters will try new foods.